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Prospective students, professors, study abroad officers, parents or alumni looking for information regarding their studies in Seville should contact our Virginia office: jys@sbc.edu or 434.381.6281

Alumni that wish to speak to someone in our Seville office should contact: jys-oficina@sbc.edu or +34.954.21.16.01

JYS has two separate offices, one at Sweet Briar College in Virginia and one in Seville, each in charge of different aspects of the program but working together to ensure the success of our students.

JYS in Virginia

The JYS central office is at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. From Virginia, three JYS employees coordinate all of the administrative aspects involving recruitment, application, and alumni relations.

Giulia V.C. Witcombe, Director

giulia-witcombeGiulia Witcombe is the Director of JYS in SEVILLE. She is an alumna of the program and returned twice as the student assistant for orientation. After receiving her B.A. from Dickinson College, Giulia worked as a bilingual adviser for an international company for many years. She was the Study Abroad Coordinator for both the JYF in Paris and Nice and JYS in SEVILLE programs before beginning her Master’s in International Education with the SIT Graduate Institute. In July 2013, she returned as the Director of JYS in SEVILLE. You can find her at either the JYS Office in Virginia or the JYS Office in Seville.

Toni Hudson, Assistant to the Director

Toni HudsonToni has been at JYS since 2003. You may never meet Toni, but she is the person you will talk to when you call the office. She does just about everything that needs to be done in the office from assisting with recruiting, processing applications, passport and visa issues, billing, processing transcripts to answering all of the numerous questions via phone or email. She is currently working on locating all of our alumni.

She is a native of Virginia and loves the mountains. She has been married for 25 years and has two wonderful children and a golden retriever. She spends all of her extra time with her family. She loves photography and jeeping.

Gina Caruso, Study Abroad Coordinator

Gina CarusoGina is in charge of recruiting and marketing strategies for both JYS and JYF in Paris and Nice, and also helps out with all other aspects of the program. She is the person you’ll meet at on-campus study abroad fairs, and will walk you through the visa application process for Spain. She is a longtime language learner, and studied abroad twice in France. Gina earned a Master’s degree in French from Minnesota State University, Mankato, in 2012. She is currently trying to improve her speaking abilities in Spanish.

JYS in Seville

The JYS office in Seville coordinates all academic and administrative aspects involving current students.

Sandra Soto Delgado, Resident Director

Sandra is in charge of all the academic aspects of the program while students are in Seville: advising, academic support, and relations with the University of Seville. Sandra has a licenciatura in English Language and Literature from the University of Seville and is working towards her Ph.D. in US Literature. She was an exchange student at Sweet Briar College in 2001-2002. Sandra loves traveling. Her first trip was to the UK, which she financed by working as a clown.

María José Villalba Carmona, Office Manager

María José is in charge of virtually everything that takes place in Seville, from arranging the group trips to helping students find the nearest post office to taking photos. If you ever need anything in Seville and don’t know who to ask for help, go to María José. When she’s not in the office (or on a JYS trip) María José is likely to be found hiking: she is very proud to have hiked to the highest peak of each Andalusian province.

María Martínez Carmona, Student Services Coordinator

María helps students with housing and medical issues. She also accompanies students on most JYS visits. María has a licenciatura in English Language and Literature from the University of Seville and a Master’s in Secondary Education. She was an exchange student at Sweet Briar College in 2008-2009.

María De La Torre Laviana, Extracurricular Activities Coordinator

María has a licenciatura in English Language and Literature from the University of Seville and a Master’s in Hispanic Literature from Michigan State University. She was an exchange student at Sweet Briar College in 2004-2005. At JYS, María coordinates the extracurricular activities and teaches culture, grammar, and comparative literature.

José “Pepe” Reyes Bautista, IT Specialist

Pepe works as a consultant for JYS in the all important field of IT, and we consider him a member of our family. He is the one students need to talk to when they have computer problems.