Sweet Briar College JYS in Seville

Field Trips

  • Alcazar of Seville
  • Setas de Sevilla
  • Alhambra
  • Royal Tobacco Factory
  • Italica
  • Royal Tobacco Factory

Included as part of the JYS experience are 35-40 extra hours of field trips to sites of historic and cultural interest each semester.

  • Province of Cádiz — City of Cádiz on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Province of Córdoba — City of Córdoba and a guided tour of the Cathedral of Córdoba (Mezquita)
  • Province of Granada — City of Granada and the Alhambra
  • Province of Málaga — City of Ronda that dates back to the sixth century BCE, dramatically perched atop a 100-meter canyon, where students visit the Ronda Bullring, one of the oldest bullrings still in use in Spain
  • City of Madrid — The capital city of Spain