Sweet Briar College JYS in Seville

Student Assistant


If you have a few weeks to spare at the beginning of the fall or the spring semester, you may want to consider applying for the Student Assistant position. The student assistant provides important support and guidance for new students at the beginning of the semester during the two-week intensive portion of the Exploration Course. They help out in the office and join the group on field trips and cultural activities.


In general, helping the JYS staff with transitioning new students to life in Seville during the two-week intensive at the beginning of the semester. This can include: taking students to get cellphones, assisting with field trips and cultural activities, showing students where they need to go, fielding questions about life in Seville, and providing office support to staff.


The length of Student Assistant responsibilities is for the two-week intensive. For fall, anytime from late August to September or mid January to February for spring. The plane ticket we purchase for you is setup so that you fly over with the group from New York, however you are welcome to extend your stay and fly back at your leisure once orientation finishes.

Traits and Skills of a Good Orientation Assistant

A high sense of responsibility, reliability, and maturity; the capacity and willingness to listen to and empathize with the new students during the most difficult moments of their study abroad; lots of patience, enthusiasm, and dynamism; the ability to communicate well, take initiative, and be a leader; a great deal of flexibility and the capacity to think and act quickly and creatively in order to deal with unforeseen problems; the willingness to act as a role model and guide to the new students and interact socially with them after classes and activities; and, of course, a good command of Spanish.

What We Offer

  • Round-trip flight from New York to Seville (you must leave with the group)
  • Room and board with a program family for the duration of the assignment
  • Health insurance for the duration of the assignment
  • 150 € stipend
  • A cellphone for program-related calls

To Apply

Send the following information to jys@sbc.edu

  • Your current resume
  • 500-word narrative of why you want to return as the student assistant. Include why your personal and professional traits will make you a good candidate, and how you will use your knowledge to assist new students in this role.

You may contact JYS at any time with regards to the position. Applications are due at the same time as our regular applications: March 1 for fall and year, and October 15 for spring. Applicants will be notified of a decision within two weeks of the application deadline date.