Sweet Briar College JYS in Seville

Financial Arrangements

JYS is a non-profit enterprise. Outside the regular salaries and fees paid, no institution or person can receive any pecuniary advantage from its operation. Every effort is made to keep the costs as low as rising prices and foreign exchange rates permit.


Fees 2016-17
Fall Semester Program $16,900
Spring Semester Program $17,900
Academic-Year Program $31,000

Fee covers:

  • Full room and board in Seville for the year, fall or spring semester (3 meals a day)
  • Tuition at the University of Seville
  • Group medical insurance designed by ADESLAS SegurCaixa
  • Accident Policy covering loss of life, medical evacuation and repatriation
  • All group visits
  • All materials needed for orientation classes

The fee does not cover:

  • Domestic airfare prior to departure for Spain
  • International airfare to Seville
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Overweight luggage fees
  • Textbooks
  • Rental of studios and instruments
  • Not-for-credit lessons and classes (dance, music, cooking, etc.)

Next year’s fees will be announced in February and will depend on the exchange value of the dollar at that time. The fees are guaranteed and not subject to increases or rebates arising from exchange rate fluctuations.

Estimated Expenses Not Included in Program Cost

Personal Academic Extracurricular Classes (Not for Credit)
Per week: $150-$200
Per month: $600-$800
Per semester: $250 Cost depends on class

  • Public transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Extras (tapas, icecream, etc.)

  • Books
  • Supplies

  • Dance (flamenco, sevillanas, etc.)
  • Guitar
  • Studio art
  • Cooking
  • Riding
  • Any other classes taken for personal reasons while in Seville

Payment Schedule

Fall Semester Program Spring Semester Program Academic-Year Program
Upon acceptance $500
(non-refundable deposit)
Upon acceptance $500
(non-refundable deposit)
Upon acceptance $500
(non-refundable deposit)
July 1 $16,400
(remaining balance)
December 1 $17,400
(remaining balance)
July 1 $17,400
(60% of remaining balance)
November 1 $13,100
(remaining balance)


Refunds are made only when withdrawal is requested by JYS or by the student’s college/university for academic reasons or for reasons of health. If a student withdraws from the program for reasons other than these, the following schedule applies:

Fall Semester & Academic-Year Programs Spring Semester Program
Withdrawal before July 1 $250 Withdrawal before December 1 $250
Withdrawal between July 2 and August 15 1/2 of July payment Withdrawal between December 2 and 15 1/2 of December payment
Withdrawal after August 15 No refund Withdrawal after December 15 No refund