Sweet Briar College JYS in Seville

Life in Seville

Host Families

JYS works with well-established host families who enjoy opening their homes and lives to students. The host families are located within the city of Seville, in 4 major neighborhoods: Triana, Los Remedios, Nervión, and El Centro. All are within easy travel distance of the University of Seville and the JYS Student Center.

We try our best to match you with a compatible family that will provide you a warm and secure environment as your home base during your time in Seville. Many of our alumni are still in touch with their host families and have developed close friendships with them.


Most living arrangements are set up so that you live with a roommate. This gives you someone to walk with around the city, share the experience and provide mutual support.

University of Seville

Classes taken in the Philology, Geography and History Departments are located in the main University building, the Fábrica de Tabaco, just a 5 minute walk from the JYS Student Center and along the Avenida de la Constitución. It is an easy location to access.