Sweet Briar College JYS in Seville

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Semester Programs

  • Alcazar of Seville
  • Setas de Sevilla
  • Alhambra
  • Royal Tobacco Factory
  • Italica
  • Royal Tobacco Factory
Fall Semester Program 2016
Tentative Group Departure for Spain 9/7/16
Exploration: Two-Week Intensive 9/9/16 –
Fall Semester Classes 9/26/16 –
Tentative Group Return to USA 12/19/16
Spring Semester Program 2017
Recommended Departure for Spain
The flight is not included as part of the spring semester package, but we recommend a flight for students who want to travel as a group to Seville accompanied by a JYS student assistant.
Exploration Intensive TBD
Spring Semester Classes
The earliest students can leave Seville is May 12th, and students who must stay to take exams for regular courses will have their room and board covered until the day after their last final exam.

JYS students enjoy learning about Spain from a variety of perspectives. They experience first-hand the life of a university student, see the day-to-day activities of their host family, play sports, take art/dance/cooking classes, and interact with the community through volunteering and internships.

Field trips are taken throughout the semester in Seville and around Andalucia to give greater insight into the culture and history of Spain.

Exploration of Language and Culture in Spain

JYS has a two-part exploration course to help transition into life in Seville (3 credit hours*):

  • Exploration Part I: Two-week intensive including blogging and cultural activities. Classes include Spanish grammar, oral-aural skills, history and culture, incorporate online blogging and discussions. Visits to the Catedral de SevillaReal Alcázar de SevillaSetas de SevillaUniversidad de Sevilla, and Itálica.
  • Exploration Part II: A semester long contact course including language exchanges, online debates, blogging and cultural activities and field trips to Madrid, Cordoba, Rhonda, and Granada.

* Students must receive approval for credit from their home institution.

Semester Classes

Students begin their semester at the end of the two-week intensive, typically enrolling in 4 to 5 classes. All classes are taught in Spanish by native instructors. Each class carries three hours of credit with a minimum of four classes per semester. Some schools accept credit for the orientation classes so students only have to take four classes. Students are required to take a minimum of five classes if they do not receive credit for orientation.

Students select from the following courses: